Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Long Necked Cats and the Long Legged Bird
40" x 40"

I am happy to share with you that this piece will be traveling in SAQA's Wild Fabrication's exhibit!  It is an honor to have my work chosen!!

These cats are a whimsical take on my cats and their many personalities; the instigator, the gastronome, the skeptic and the innocent...(top to bottom). They live indoors and spend many hours watching birds through the windows. I imagine them preferring that birds can't fly, but rather run with long legs, putting their bodies right at mouth height! 

I had a lot of fun making this one.  It practically flew together!  I used a whole next set of fat quarters that I bought in La Grange while visiting the Texas Quilt Museum; lots of polka dots from Kaffe Fassett and some batiks from Marcia Derse.  These seemed to blend together in a way I wouldn't have thought possible, but I love it!  Each fabric was Mistyfused, and then traced, and then ironed into place.  I made a make-shift light table by putting a bulb on a cord inside a plastic box.  I added a piece of glass to the top.  Then I made sure to leave the light on for only a few minutes at a time.  The possibility of a meltdown seemed imminent!  So I worked quickly and then turned off the light.  There is most likely a safer way to do this, but since this one worked, I didn't look for another.  Meanwhile, I discovered that my giant box of Prismacolor pencils worked perfectly for drawing on the fabric.  I was able to pick different colors to make sure that my lines showed on the different colored fabrics.  And I drew the lines slightly larger so that I could cut inside the lines and not have the pencil marks on the fabric.  Worked like a charm!  Here is a kitty face just starting.  You can see the fabric on top of the Fat Goddess Teflon sheet, which is on top of my drawing.  It shows even better with the light turned on.
After I fused the cat bodies, I fused to the white background, and then added the dots in the background.  The big ones were cut from some batik circles I had laying around...
LOVE those dots!  All the colors are so pretty!  The little dots were painted.
And after completing all the machine quilting with Masterpiece threads, I went back and added the black line satin stitching and a little hand embroidery on the faces. 
I'm guessing you can probably see where my inspiration for this quilt came from now?

Friday, March 27, 2015

16" x 16"
I finished my entry for the Quilt Alliance.  Every year they have a contest to raise funds for their fabulous organization.  The quilts are donated and exhibited and then they are put up for auction on Ebay.  I don't always enter because sometimes the theme does not appeal to me, but this year really pulled at my heartstrings.  It was easy to come up with an idea for Animals We Love!

I am also hip deep in home repair (again!), and have had very little time to sew.  Spring is calling me outdoors (the live oaks are dropping leaves again!), and I long to return to the pool and my bicycle.  The weather is absolutely perfect here in central Texas!  And so, I cherished the opportunity to make something small that wouldn't take me too long.  I finished this little kitty in 3 days!

And if you are curious, the quilt was made with 100% Mistyfuse.  All the pieces were cut into their shapes and fused into place.  I then quilted it by machine, then satin stitched in black, and add a few touches of hand embroidery.  The vase is transparent, I used some light blue dyed silk organza (Mistyfuse works perfectly for that too!).

The kitten's story:
We found him at the Humane Society, only 1 of 2 kittens there.  I preferred to adopt an older cat, but my daughter was smitten with this cute boy.  He is actually a tuxedo boy, so handsome in his black and white.  We already have 3 adult cats, all siblings.  The 4th died from bleeding out from a surgery.  He had eaten an object he shouldn't have.  The vet told us it was a sharp wire and that it really needed to come out, so I gave the okay.  It was not actually a wire at all, but a hair band.  If I had known that, I would never have authorized the surgery.  I am still grieving the loss of our Smokey cat, complicated by my part in his death.  I thought I was helping him and it unfortunately led to his premature death.  Anyway, with 3 cats in our lovely household, I falsely assumed my daughter would attach to one of the other cat-boys.  But, she did not.  Eight months later she was still not making any progress.  So, I surprised her with a trip to the Humane Society.  I was determined to find a way to integrate another cat into our cat society, though honestly, it was the last thing on earth that I wanted to do. 
yes, his eyes are really really round, perfect circles!
A year later, the sweet kitty boy is the charmer of the household.  He has filled our hearts with joy and healed our grief.  He is a hilarious ball of energy and spunk.  He quickly found his place with the other cats and held his own, despite being the smallest and youngest.  And regardless of the trouble he gets into, he never really believes that he is doing anything wrong.  After all, he is just being a cat!  Oh YES, we love him so!
I hope this little quilt earns a lot for the Quilt Alliance.  I put my whole heart into it, so much so that I might just bid for it myself!  I am even considering making another one just for me, or possibly marketing a pattern for him! 
I also did an recorded interview with the Quilt Alliance years ago for their project Save Our Stories.  If you are interested in mine or a large selection of other wonderful quilters, you can find the stories here.

Monday, March 02, 2015

a work in progress...
This quilt started as an experiment with surface design.  I had an idea.  Paint some thin batik lines on white fabric, making sure they are widely spaced, and dye different colors on each stripe.  Then capture those colors by stamping a big circle and fill in the circle with wax.  Done!   Then bleach discharge the fabric, and overdye a different color.  Repeat with various combinations of colors.  I then cut the fabric into squares and arranged the blocks...
And I do kind of like the abstract quality of the circles and squares and random arrangement.  But apparently, not enough to actually sew them together, because they sat around my studio for a long time.  Meanwhile, many other projects were started and completed, and this one just sat, waiting for it's turn. 
Eventually, I pulled the blocks down, and put them on a shelf.  This winter, I got a new idea for the blocks.  Cut the squares into circles!! Yes!! Let's try it. 
And use some curves, and surround them with tons of white empty space.  They became strings of beads, on a BIG scale.  I think the quilt is about 60" square, maybe larger?  Each "bead" is about 4 inches across (aka, diameter!).  I like it, I like it a lot!
Now, all that's left is the quilting.  I wasn't sure about the first idea I had, so I made a small sample:
Oh yes!  I like this too!  Good idea.  Now, I only have to DO it.  It is hard to free motion a big quilt, and hard to do close echo quilting from multiple starting points (each line of beads), and not run into pleats on the backs.  This will be challenging to do it right.  I can tell you that by the time I get to the hand quilting with black thread, I will be choosing Aurofil's new floss, and having a good time.  However, I am not there yet.  Hey and if you are wondering how those circles are attached, think no further than the magic of Mistyfuse

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

QuiltCon2015 - Quilts and Vendors
QuiltCon2015 - from the Press Room
First a note about some of my favorite quilts.  These are just a FEW of the very many that I loved at the show.  I don't know why I selected these to take photos of, but I did.  If you would like to see more, you can find them on the Modern Quilt Guild website, here, or perhaps on Luana Rubin's Flickr page, here.  And many of them have been on both FB and Instagram, so please explore!  It will be worth your while if you didn't get to the show!
This one is subtle, but it draws me in.  I love it, I love the fabrics, and the quilting.  All good!
I love Amanda's work, every time I see it.  The joy of piecing curves (which I have not found yet)!  Look at all the quilting lines!  Wonderful!!
I absolutely love the pattern and colors.  This quilt sings in person.  And it is really large.  LOVE IT!
A detail of the wonderful quilting!  Love!!
Love this one.  Love the colors, but also all the wonderful modern fabrics, and the play with shapes.  Well done!
I was surprised to see the hand quilting with this.  It works wonderfully!  Good addition to an already wonderful quilt!
Love the colors and shapes!  I could stare at this one a long time!
Love the play of brights with neutrals.  Very pleasurable! See Terry's website here.
Ah, one from the wonderful tuning fork series.  Heather, you knock my socks off! Thanks for the inspiration!
Next, some of my favorite vendors.  We couldn't do all this without you!!!

To Mistyfuse, I love you!  You make my dreams come true.  I iron a bit of Mistyfuse to fabric and cut out the shape I want, and presto, it becomes real as I iron to another piece of fabric.  Magic!  This is the best stuff, ever!
To Malka Dubrawsky, my teacher and owner of Stitch N Dye, I am profoundly happy that I have found artistic expression through batik and dyeing.  Your class changed my life.  Thank you!!
To Juki and Superior Threads, you make it all come together!  You maximize many fond hours of sewing joy!
 To Havel's scissors, proud sponsors of Dinner@Eight exhibits, you make some seriously great scissors!! The newist to my collection, a pair of snippets!  Thank you!  I look forward to using them.  

Ah another favorite, friendly and welcoming, Michele Muska at ez Quilting, just like the tools she carries.  Fun booth, many great tools and inspiration for quilters!

To Soak, a new addition to my list of favorites.  I look forward to giving this one a try!  It will fill a much needed niche in the cycle of creation and caring for my creations!

After the show was over, I volunteered, along with a few new and old friends, to take down the quilts.  Here we are, hamming it up a bit! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

i Quilt - Best in Show!!!
The judges selected my quilt for Best in Show!  I still can hardly believe it.  With tears in my eyes, and a knot the size of Mt. Olympus in my stomach, I approached the stage on wobbly legs to shake Jacquie Gering's hand, get a big hug and accept the award!  What a tremendous honor!!
It's like going from zero to 80 in a nanosecond....or as the little pig says, "Pure Adrenaline"! Ha!
It is a bit overwhelming, but in a very good way.

I met the sponsors of the prize, Gammill Quilting Machines, to whom I owe a great thanks!  And, truthfully, I am still floating on air.

My quilt was also featured in an interview about QuiltCon on Houzz.com, which showed many of the quilts, a fantastic story!  It is an honor to be included in such an esteemed group of quilt makers!
One of my favorite photos of the experience:
photo by Rebecca Maples
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Blue
83" x 83"
Should I make it bigger?  It already feels rather largish!! Here's a drawing for scale.
...and especially when I consider having to quilt it?  Imagine pushing this little gem under your home sewing machine...Happy, happy!

Meanwhile, though I LOVE how this looks, I am disappointed that it used so little of my stash.  This is the after picture.
This box is crammed packed on the right side.  (Scroll down to see the before picture or click here). The left over cut strips are on the left side.  I used less than half the box to make this quilt.  On the bright side, at least there will be enough fabric to make a back for it!  I really look forward to that part of it.  I love making design decisions and just letting the creativity flow!!

Now if I multiply this project by the number of boxes of fabric I have, and then consider the time it took to make this top, I see at least a year of work, without the quilting part thrown in.  True confessions of a quilter....

Friday, February 06, 2015

45" and growing...

I have decided to do some stash busting!  I have been collecting fabric for over 20 years, and it is time to do some cleaning out again.  I have given fabric away before, but this time I decided to use it up in the form of making quick quilts to either sell or donate....not sure about that part yet.  All I know is that I am currently interested in learning more about modern quilts and design, so hopefully this could be quite the interesting little project and also useful to me to clean out the studio, and potentially useful to the person or persons who acquire these quilts! 
I have about 14 containers like this from the Container store.  They are packed to the gills.  It partly explains why I typically buy fat quarters, because they fit in my boxes more easily!  And though it looks like an overwhelming amount of fabric, I would just like to say that for the most part, each piece was purchased with a specific project in mind.  I rarely shop for fabric just to own it and cherish it.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!
Meanwhile, this fabric could be having a useful life, instead of being locked away in these boxes waiting for an audition that may never come....
Strip piecing seemed like it would level the playing field and let all the fabrics come together.  Here was my work session at the beginning of the week.
It begins with the cutting.  I selected 5 arbitrary widths and then just started cutting one piece at a time.  Whatever didn't fit into a strip got tossed away. I am planning largish sized quilts, so this one isn't quite done yet.  It is currently at 65" x 65" after just 4 days of sewing.  I am amazed at how quickly it comes together.  Obviously it may be a different story when it comes to finishing it up.  And, I don't have a stash of large fabric for the back, so I may end up just putting two tops together.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Earth Stories

The Studio Art Quilt Associates show, Earth Stories, opens today at the University of Central Missouri Gallery of Art and Design, Warrensburg, Missouri, January 19 - February 28, 2015. There are many stories of hope across the globe. Both individuals and small groups are working on projects that, when added together, make a positive impact on increasing the quality of life on this planet. Earth Stories celebrates the stories of people or projects that enhance the planet, make a significant difference in restoring and/or protecting the environment, increase sustainability and otherwise improve the earth we all occupy.
Crowded House
 Inspired by Annie Lennox at The Story of Stuff, I created my pieces for the exhibit to start a dialogue about over-consumerism. On a personal level, I have too much stuff.  I am in conflict because I value a simple lifestyle, so I decided to count all the objects in my house. It took me 6 months. The larger piece is called Crowded House, and is a testimony to too much stuff, as it spills out of the confines of the edges of my house. And it has the Number...the ginormous number of objects in my house.
Crowded House - detail

The second piece is called Manufactured Demand.  The smaller piece is a tribute to a few of the many brands of bottled water and the trash resulting from it.   And as the title implies, advertising has convinced us that we need bottled water...in order to make a profit, at the expense of wasting huge amounts of petroleum, both in making the bottles for the water and transporting it to all the grocery stores, often for a resource that comes to us mostly free right out of our taps.
Manufactured Demand
To see more of my project, use the link "Earth Stories" in the sidebar under "Labels", or go here.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cat Hats

My daughter and I have been playing a "game" involving her toys and specifically these 4 beanie baby cats.  It involves secretly placing the cats rather life-like positions and waiting until the other person finds them....and then laughs hysterically.  My favorite was this one of the cats left in the refrigerator sniffing my salmon!  Too funny!
Or maybe this one?  of the cat sleeping upside down on one of our cat shelves?
These two poses were her gifts to me.  This is one of mine to her....climbing the tulips kitty....

For Christmas, my daughter let me know that she was expecting something interesting for the cats.  Drats!  I hadn't even thought that far ahead! I finally came up with this at the last minute.  I knitted scarfs for each cat and made them little hats.  I had intended to make red and white Santa hats, but I didn't have any red felt, so I improvised.  I actually like the individualized colors better.  It looks so cute!  And it was fun to have a little secret project to surprise the young teenager!

What I learned:  if you knit tiny scarfs for cat toys with tiny knitting needles, it still takes an unreasonably long time to do it!!  Must use larger knitting needles!

First day back to school, the kitties sit by the window....waiting....
Kitties "play" the guitar, or play on the guitar?
If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen how the beanie baby game has changed slightly to the sharky game.  Stay tuned, I will post those photos here too!  Or you can follow me on Instagram at kakiyork.